The ITIL Process Capability Maturity Model

Ever wondered how your ITIL processes compare against the Capability Maturity Model but were afraid (or didn't have the consultancy budget!) to ask?

Dr. ITIL presents a recommended link to a really pragmatic and simple to use Capability Assessment Model guide produced by Pink Elephant (

Within the Guide's 12 pages you will find a:-

- Review of the Capability Maturity Model
- Review of Pink Elephant's ITIL process maturity model
- Sample templates to assist you with your assessments

The Capability Maturity Model Guide also takes you through how to perform your own basic assessment step-by-step.

This - in itself - could save you the first round of consultancy fees by helping you to refine your thinking and perspective on your current issues, risks and challenges.

With your refined thinking and self-assessment of your internal capability - you are better equipped to define your implementation or improvement requirements. In addition, if you assess several processes - you can compare relative levels of maturity and determine where your improvement investment is best placed across the spectrum of Service Support and Service Delivery.

Have you ever thought about teaming up with one of your larger Vendors and comparing results to determine each others strengths and weaknesses? This is often a low cost but high value exercise because it 'reveals' in-built process efficiencies and value-added activities that you simply cannot discover by assessing just your own organizations capability.

[Did you know, there are many other articles within Dr. ITIL covering the Capability Maturity Model. Feel free to use the Google Search Bar at the top of this page to find them!]

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